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Smartphones, Tablets and Speedy Networks at CES 2011

Written on January 08, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Tablets and smartphones took the spotlight at the CES 2011, with Motorola, Samsung and LG showering attendees with dozens of faster and more powerful devices that will reach consumer hands this year.

At this year’s Consumer Electronic Show, tablets and smartphones took the spotlight as Motorola, Samsung and LG showcased dozens of powerful devices. And to make those run high-definition video streams and online games, mobile service carriers showed off their boosted Internet networks. Ivan Seidenberg, Chief Executive of Verizon Communications, outlined on his keynote the company’s plan to provide faster Internet connection on mobile phones and fiber lines. Aside from Verizon, Nextel and AT&T are also on a race to attract customers for their ultra-fast mobile networks.

Verizon Communications, instead of revealing whether iPhone will also land on their network, focused its partnership with Motorola and on software devices. Aimed to compete with Apple’s iPad, the Motorola tablet comes with Flash video software and will run on 3.0 Honeycomb. Motorola’s Xoom tablet will hit glasses on February. Furthermore, LG announced its tablet that will run on T-Mobile’s network, while Research in Motion’s comes with Sprint.

Audi, Hyundai and Ford also showcased their souped-up dashboards and car technologies that allow owners to check their e-mail and stream television shows. Home appliance makers were also allowed to introduce their product at CES 2011 for the first time. With CES 2011 kicking off successfully, manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, home appliances, together with network carriers and many more will definitely have a reason to be optimistic. As for their consumers, they’re in for a technological growth.

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