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The “Revolutionary” Apple Products

Written on January 09, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Revolutionary. It is always present on any of Apple's new products. Are they really an innovation or just a reiteration of other manufacturer's technology? Gadg is giving you a trip down memory lane of Apple's products.

Since ’s press release in 1999, everything seems to be revolutionary. The Cupertino-based company declared a revolution for software, Macs, CD and DVD drives, iPods, iPhones and . Some of those “revolutionary” products no longer exist, while others are just refined implementations of technologies that were already done by others. Just yesterday when Apple launched its App Store, its press release said, “The Mac App Store brings the revolutionary App Store experience to the Mac.” Again, another revolutionary product.

Regardless, if it comes from Apple, it must be revolutionary. Here’s a trip down memory lane of Apple’s “revolutionary” products since 1999 to present. Fasten your seat belts, folks!


* Apple’s Final Cut Pro Video Authoring Software (April 20)
“A revolutionary new software application that combines professional-quality video editing, compositing, and special effects in one package”


* Internet Strategy (January 5)
“iTools is a revolutionary new category of Internet services that takes advantage of Apple’s unique on both ends of the Internet.”

*Power Mac G4 Cube (July  19)
The Power Mac G4 Cube comes with “a revolutionary cooling design that does not require a fan.”


* iDVD and DVD Studio Pro (January 9)
“Apple today introduced iDVD, a revolutionary new application [that] comes pre-installed on the Power Mac G4 with the revolutionary new SuperDrive.”

* (October 23)
“iPod’s revolutionary Auto-Sync feature makes it easy to get your entire music collection into iPod and update it whenever you connect iPod to your Mac.”


* iTunes 3 (July 17)
It is “a major upgrade to its award-winning digital music software for the Mac featuring Smart Playlists, a revolutionary new way to listen to your music.”

* Rendezvous Networking Technology (September 10)
According to Cannon Printing Products’ Marketing Director, Amit Bagchi: “ is adding our support to the growing adoption of Apple’s revolutionary Rendezvous Networking Technology.”


* iTunes Music Store Tops Two Million Song Downloads (May 14)
“Apple today announced that over two million songs have been purchased and downloaded from its revolutionary iTunes Music Store since its debut 16 days ago.”


* iLife ‘04 (January 6)
The iLife ’04 “introduces GarageBand, a revolutionary new music application that turns a Mac into a professional-quality musical instrument and recording studio.”

* DVD Studio Pro 3 (April 18)
It “features revolutionary new Alpha Transitions [and] also includes Compressor 1.2.”

* Motion (April 18)
Motion is a revolutionary new application that redefines motion graphics.


* Final Cut Studio (April 17)
It “features state-of-the-art tools, including Soundtrack Pro, a revolutionary new audio editing and sound design application.”

* G5 Line with Mac OS X “Tiger” (May 3)
“Tiger delivers more than 200 new features and innovations including Spotlight, a revolutionary desktop search technology.”


* iLife ’06 with iMovie HD 6 (January 10)
“iMovie HD 6 introduces revolutionary new Apple-designed motion themes.”


* Apple’s lands on Cingular (January 9)
“We are thrilled to be offering our revolutionary new iPhone exclusively with Cingular.” — Steve Jobs


* New iPhone and iPod touch models
“The revolutionary iPhone now comes in a new 16GB model. Both iPhone and iPod touch feature Apple’s revolutionary Multi-Touch user interface.”


* Apple Introduces 17-inch MacBook Pro With Revolutionary New Built-in Battery (January 6)

* iLife ’09 with iMovie ’09
“iMovie ’09 [offers] revolutionary super fast movie creation [and] the revolutionary Precision Editor.”

* Apple’s Revolutionary App Store Downloads Top One Billion in Just Nine Months (April 24)

* Mac OS X Snow Leopard (August 24)
“Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) provides a revolutionary new way for software developers to write applications that take advantage of multi-core processors.”

* iMac (October 20)
“With brilliant LED displays and the revolutionary Magic Mouse, the new iMac delivers an amazing desktop experience.”


* iPad (January 27)
“iPad is our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.” — Steve Jobs

* iAd Comes to Europe (November 18)
“Apple today announced it will expand its revolutionary iAd mobile advertising network to the UK and France this December, with Germany to follow in January.”


* Apple’s Mac App Store Opens for Business (January 6)
“The Mac App Store brings the revolutionary App Store experience to the Mac.”

See? Everything from Apple is revolutionary. Do you have any other products from Apple that is new?  Share it by leaving a comment.

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