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Aion Buffs Up with Update 2.5

Written on January 10, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Aion buffs up with update 2.5. We get new instances, new character abilities and options, and a friendlier version for North American players.

has been having a tough time getting loyal players from North America, but maybe the tides will change when the 2.5 update comes around that promises to upgrade ’s gaming experience, especially to American gamers. Despite its stunning graphics and western influenced atmosphere, has yet to become a serious for North American players like . But Aion developers have deployed a North America dedicated development team that aims to break the game back into America’s scenery.

Hit the break to see what updates NCsoft got under its sleeve in a new and improved Aion.

: High level players will enjoy 2 new zones that will challenge the players’ skills to the limit. Akara is an instance where players attempt to disrupt the supply lines of the Balaur. While another instance allows both opposing factions to prove themselves in the eyes of the Academy Bootcamp through a series of difficult battles.

New : Legion (or guild as most people prefer to call it) level cap will be raised to five, up from three. New titles have been added plus more warehouse space and better looking Legion cloaks.

New Character Abilities and Improved Character Creation System: Players will enjoy new sets of skills and abilities that will further detail the battles. Plus players are now given more customization when it comes to creating their characters.

Group Guide System: Quest too tough to finish alone? No problem because low-level toons can now ask for assistance in their tough grinds from high-level characters.

: If you think Aion couldn’t get anymore stunning in terms of graphics, well you’ve thought wrong. The allows players with high-end desktops/laptops to experience some first-class graphics. Players who aren’t so fortunate can still enjoy the game with this option.

The update is still in its Public Test Realm (PTR) phase at the moment. There’s no definite date as to when the NA version of the 2.5 update will be released, but NCsoft is pretty confident it’ll come around this 2011.

Aion was once called the World of Warcraft () killer, but things turned out differently after a couple of years from its release. Could the new update be enough for the dying title to keep up with probably a more superior Blizzard spawn? Well, we can definitely say that the graphics are beyond anything can come up with. But nice graphics doesn’t usually mean it’s a good MMORPG.

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