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Deploying IPv6 Securely

Written on January 10, 2011 by Adam Eve

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The number of available IPv4 addresses is expected to run out in less than a year. That is why organizations need to migrate to the newer IPv6 standard to avoid running out of these critical points in the network.

It is anticipated that the number of available addresses will run out in less than a year. With the growing trend of mobile devices and sensors, the available number is continuously depleting. Hence, organizations are required to migrate to the standard to prevent running out of critical points in the network.

The National Institute of Standards and () has issued a free manual for managers, network engineers, transition teams and other people who are working on . The report explains what is IPv6, its security issues, deployment of dual IPv4/IPv6 environments and more. The NIST report is designed for federal agencies, but will also be handy for private sectors.

Visit the IPv6 Act Now’s official website for more information.

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