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Top Ten Choices at Mac App Store

Written on January 14, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Now that the Mac App Store is open, it is time to hook up your desktop computer with winning apps.

Gadg mentioned here that Mac App Store finally opened its doors to its dear consumers. To get you started over the thousand of apps available, here is our top ten:

The birds once again topped the list.  Angry Birds for Mac is available for $4.99 which is half its original price. It has added features applicable for a larger computer screen.


Twitter app for Mac comes for free and offers the basic features. It functions as a widget and not all cluttered like Tweet Deck or Hoot Suite.


It is time to get organized! With the Mac version, you can sync the notes your every note to your computer, or mobile phone. Texts and handwritings are searchable and offline access of notes is now possible.

No need to buy the actual software. The iSuite offers Pages for word processer needs; iPhoto and iMovie for media editing purposes.

A favorite game on iPhone, Flight Control HD has landed as well on Mac. It is offered for $4.99. It may take some time for you to control the game using the mouse.

No need to form a band to produce your own music. Garageband can help you create your own songs in no time.

Get your kiddos start in the film industry early on. This app lets children created quality 3D movies complete with effects, backgrounds, costumes and many more.


This is a must-have app for photographers. The price was cut down to $79.99 which is a great deal since it was offered initially at $200.

Comic Life 2

Give scrapbooking a new twist by making it digital. Take your fondest photos and design and turn it into a comic book using this app.

Having a pet is an added responsibility, but with Clarus, it becomes an easy task. This app helps you manage errands concerning the needs of your pet.


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