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NVIDIA Ships its Billionth GeForce GPU

Written on January 15, 2011 by Adam Eve

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At long last! After 12 years of partnership, NVIDIA sold its billionth TSMC-built GeForce GPU. This is another milestone for the biggest graphics card manufacturer in the land.

Yesterday, announced a with its partnership with chip-maker, . The billionth designed by NVIDIA and manufactured by TSMC is now sold! At long last, after the companies started the production 12 years ago, the impressive shipment volume has been reached. And despite the setback along the way, the partnership between NVIDIA and TSMC has been fruitful.

Mutual appreciation aside, producing and shipping a billion of dedicated GPUs within 12 years is indeed a record. But with AMD and Intel investing in integrated graphics , it can be possible that there will be a decline in GPU sales. Only time can tell what the future  holds for NVIDIA and TSMC.

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