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Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the Works?

Written on January 16, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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When there's smoke, there's fire. And Square Enix is about to fan the flames with a probable Final Fantasy XIII sequel.

XIII-2 anyone? Corporation Service Company, the very company that registers domains for SquareEnix games such as Gun Loco, Nier, and Front Mission Evolved has recently registered website. Big news, huh? This strand of detail may provide information that SquareEnix is working on something huge this year (or probably proof that the Japanese gaming company is fleshed out of ideas). XIII’s official website is Connect the dots.

The last time we saw a “2” next to a Final Fantasy name was back in 2003, when released the sequel of Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2. Although not as ground breaking and successful as it’s predecessor, did prove to us that they’re capable of making an almost seamless transition from the first to the second of a series. Plus don’t forget the spin-offs of Final Fantasy VII, namely Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core.

Square Enix will be holding an event in next week. Maybe they can shed some light regarding this matter. But for sure, this definitely isn’t just a coincidence. Or it could be an April fools joke.. Oh wait, it’s just January.

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  • FFfan no more

    Burn it,scrap it DON’T OWN IT!!!There’ll obviously be a 13-3.Take it off the selves and toss them to the trash & send the message not worth to own free.I was a die hard FF fan,but since all Enix wants to do is create total utter stand up jokes of FF games & childish gay ass horse crap,I’m a FF fan no more.13 was a total joke & creating a sequel to that is a insult.Throw 13,13-2 & the future 13-3 STRAIGHT TO THE TRASH & BURN IT!!! 10-2 is beyond legendary compared to the total crap 13 & 13-2 and kill that fucking moogle.

  • FFfan no more

    I want 9 FUCKING years of my life back.9 years of all the bullshit & jokes you create Enix.I’M SO DISGUSTED OF YOU & PUT OFF WITH YOU!!!My god do I even want to picture what’s next.It’s seriously come to wow just picture another worst Enix case scenario like Kingdom Hearts for example.OHH LOOK I DON’T NEED TO IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!

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