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400,000 Nintendo 3DS Available on Launch Day; Pre-Order Begins January 20

Written on January 17, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Want a sure fire way to get a Nintendo 3DS? Try pre-ordering. If that doesn't work, then see you at the lines.

Only 400,000 out of the alloted 1.5 million units will be available for sale in on release day or February 26th, according to reports. Nintendo has already announced that it will be selling a total of 4 million units allover the world from its release until stocks last or March (we’re betting on the first one). But history proved to us that Nintendo won’t just sell all units on one single day.

The numbers released by Nintendo will certainly cause a havoc around Japan, considering the attendance during the recently concluded Nintendo preview event. So several retailers are already suggesting avid gamers to pre-order the unit on January 20 to avoid the thousands that will swarm every single video game store in the country on the unit’s release day.

We’ll be expecting Japanese telephones ringing off the hook on January 20. Let’s just hope the telephone companies there can handle it.

There are no announcements yet as to how many will be available for sale on opening date in other parts of the globe.

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