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Kinect’s Official SDK Coming from Microsoft

Written on January 18, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Microsoft is set to unveil a driver support and an SDK in the coming months that will allow third-party developers to create titles that utilize the Kinect sensor when plugged into a PC.

’s motion-control interface, the , has been wildly popular even to hackers. The hacker communities use the to control all kinds of unexpected apps excluded in the XBox gaming system. However, was reportedly preparing an official Software Development Kit () that will allow third parties to build any Windows software for the Kinect control support.

Microsoft is penciled to unveil driver support and SDK in the coming months. This will enable third-party developers to create titles that use Kinect sensors when plugged into a PC. More over, the drivers will be distributed under the “beta” tag. This is good news for developers, since this is the development that they’ve been waiting for.

Now that third parties can develop apps for the Kinect soon, what unexpected applications would you like to see? Share your answers by leaving a comment.

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