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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Trailer

Written on January 19, 2011 by Charles Bass

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The long wait is over. Kingdom Hearts for 3DS finally gets a name under triple D's---The Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

At long last! The for the 3DS officially has a name. At Square Enix’s Production 1 press conference, ’ director Yasushi Yasue announced that the next game in the series will be called 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Notice the triple D which is a brilliant idea. The game’s use of stereoscopic graphics gives its players a sense of speed and sense of depth while flying or falling.

The team exerted the best they could to make the game action-packed. Players can switch from Kingdom Hearts series protagonists Sora and Riku in .

Here’s the Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance official trailer:

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