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What We Wish to See in TV in 2011

Written on January 19, 2011 by Adam Eve

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While advancements in television technology is flying high, the market is not. The reason: Advance TVs in the market today are not really what consumers are looking for.

If you do not have any idea what’s trending in and today, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that old TVs are still in the business — both in terms of consumer demand and technological advancements. Though technological advancements are inevitable, TV manufacturers are still missing some point. So how can they better serve you, the people who actually buy TVs? There are two ways: and televisions that can play nicely with other gadgets.

For TV manufacturers, falling prices on panels and making of HD TVs can be a dilemma. TV makers have been aggressive in their pricing, forcing some competitors to follow. This meant thin market, making the companies’ TV businesses unviable. And their plan to combat this setback is to manufacture more advance TVs that they charge a premium for. However, consumers aren’t in the mood to roll in the dough now. In fact, they are demanding for cheaper television sets.

More over, there is a rampant happening in the music devices category. For instance, owners of certain Logitech products can now directly stream Spotify to their devices. And though there’s a rise in Internet-connected TVs, YouTube is not exactly what consumers are looking for. People are looking for HD TVs, 3D TVs or smart TVs that ships or iOS apps that enable users to push a video without any fuss. Albeit the early signs of that feature are here, the situation is still half-baked.

There are still some things that consumers might want to have for an advance TV this year. But cheaper products and better integration is on top of the list. And with these as compelling reasons for an individual to buy a regular HD TV or even a 3D TV, manufacturers should listen.

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