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Whiz Kid Creates Bubble Ball; Video Games Cause Mental Problems and Befriending Family on Facebook

Written on January 19, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Whiz kid invented game which ousted Angry Birds; a study found the link between video games and mental health problems plus a research which debunked the idea that teens don’t like their families to be on Facebook.

Kids and the Internet are major topics in the society today. People debate whether it is beneficial for children to be exposed to the Internet early on. To add this confusion, Gadg came up with the a wrapup of news about kiddos and the world wide web.

1. An eight grader toppled down the domination of Angry Birds on the App Store. His name is Robert Nay and he developed the game called with Ansca Mobile’s Corona and a little help from his mom. debuted at the App Store last December 29 and over 1.5 million downloads were made since its launch.

2. A new study on gaming revealed that there is certain connection between problems. This report will be published in the February issue of Pediatrics. According to the study nine percent of the fourth to eight graders tested have “pathological gaming” issues which often lead to depression, poor grades and anxiety.

3. Another study about American teens concluded that “about two-thirds of American teens aren’t afraid to friend their parents on .” The stury was conducted by Kaplan Test Prep, a company which specializes in tutoring and study services. “ … continues to be the new frontier in the ever evolving relationship between parent and child,” Kaplan Test Prep executive director Kristen Campbell said to Reuters.


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