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‘World of StarCraft’ Finally Here; Thank You Mods!

Written on January 19, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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What happens when you bring a StarCraft fan and a Galaxy Editor together? Well to some, nothing. But to imaginative individuals, it's World of StarCraft.

? For too long we’ve been dreaming of an MMORPG/ version of StarCraft, but a band of brave individuals out there said “screw dreams” as they pushed the boundaries of fan speculation and imagination by using StarCraft II’s Galaxy Editor to concoct a spin-off unlike any other. Welcome to ‘’ (note: has no part in creating the ‘game’ as it was just created for fun by programming geniuses).

The game looks (in a good sense) horrifyingly real as a Marine-like toon trek the trecherous terrain and go trigger-happy against some Protoss units. Although barely reaching the level of fun and playable by MMORPG standards, ‘World of Starcraft’ remains as an eye-candy to fans and haters alike. We doubt that this would scale up as a game that’s available worldwide. The development team is currently brainstorming on their future plans on the mod and are open to public suggestions through their forums.

Let’s hope Blizzard gets the picture of how much we want to have World of StarCraft up and running.

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