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HP to Debut “Opal” Tablet; Playboy App Uncensored and Apple COO Calls Android Tablets ‘Bizarre’

Written on January 20, 2011 by R. Cruise

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HP to release "Opal” tablet; Playboy app coming on iPad and Apple COO called Android tablets "bizarre product[s]."

We are just on the first month of the year but there are already surprising twists and turns in the world of . Gadg listed down the most talked-about news on computer .

1. Since the great war of 2011 is taking shape, why not take a look at what HP prepping up this season. According to Engadget, HP will possibly unveil its 7- and 10-inch tablets this year but these devices will be part of the webOS ecosystem comprised of HP’s other consumer products. This array of HP gadgets are tied up together and has online connection. The 7-inch HP tablet might be dubbed as the “Opal” which has hardware smaller than Galaxy Tab. Also, a larger version of “Opal” will be released; sporting a size similar to .

2. Playboy CCO Hugh Hefner tweeted that Playboy Magazine will be available on iPad this coming March. The Playboy app will feature catalogs from both old and new issues. And surprise! These catalogs will be uncensored. How come this was permitted knowing that Apple has strict rules on censorship?

3. , , took the stage during Apple’s quarterly earnings call and exude enough confidence to say that Android tablets “bizarre product[s]” and added that these devices were of “no concern” to Apple. He also mentioned that customers are not interested with devices that are “big, heavy and expensive.” Cook’s strong opinion is backed with the statistics that Apple shipped 7.33 million iPad units by the end of 2010.


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