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Nokia Cancels AT&T Deal for X7 Smartphone

Written on January 20, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Looks like it's no go for Nokia X7 as the company cancels their deal with AT&T.

Believing that won’t be able to support the Finnish-company in terms of marketing and subsidies, Nokia has backed out from an exclusive deal with the American phone company for their latest unit, the . The partnership would have been a sight to see over at the () next month, but Nokia has decided to pursue other options as they continue to lag behind in the US-market where , Blackberry, and carrying mobile devices reign supreme.

In order for a phone manufacturing company to succeed in a market, usually they need to partner themselves with giant phone companies in order to subsidize part of the phone unit’s cost so that consumers can easily afford it. Phone manufacturing companies like Nokia need also phone companies like AT&T to be the backbone of their marketing campaign to ensure significant success.

With the Nokia-AT&T partnership on temporary (or permanent hold), looks like Nokia will be forced to enjoy the view from the bottom as other companies dominate the U.S. market. At the moment, they’re relying on their N8 which unfortunately is almost cost twice than an iPhone and almost all Android driven devices.

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