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Samsung Galaxy S, Set for an Evolution?

Written on January 20, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Samsung Unpacked says that "Evolution is fate". That said, will Samsung Galaxy S have an iteration before the MWC 2011?

The intention of to bring ’ successor at is a no brainer. However, the company is hyping up the machine with an update to its Samsung Unpacked website. Samsung has placed its best-selling smartphone beside a message that says “ is fate”.

It seems like Samsung is having a play with words here, the same way LG did with its Revolution handset. Does this mean that the next Samsung Galaxy mobile device will have a built-in Long Term Evolution? If that will be the case, then plus the promised dual-core chip inside will outshine the Infuse 4G!

Mark your calendars because the next dose of Samsung Galaxy S teasing will kick off on February 1.

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