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Red Dead Redemption Game Review; the Road to Redemption

Written on January 22, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Red Dead Redemption has set the standard of what a wild west video game (or even a movie) should be like. Every element breaths the world of outlaws and cowboys.

, probably the most decorated video game of 2010 as it was critically acclaimed by various gaming websites and even bagging ’s Video Game Award’s in 2010. Even though it already had quite a long run already, everyone’s still got their eyes on this game as it recently got nominated for several categories in the 11th Game Developers Choice Awards. So what does make Red Dead Redemption tick? What makes the game so compelling to catch the eyes of every gamer out there? And will we see a back-to-back Best Video Game award when the kicks in?

The wild, . It’s been done, done, done several times already in video games. But in every singe attempt, we see mediocre, skin-deep interpretations that will make us get sick of the theme. And to be honest, the moment we heard that Red Dead Redemption is going to be a -themed, we got worried. How can RockStar Games pull off a cowboy version of the Grand Theft Auto series? It’s impossible.

We were right. It is impossible to pull off a cowbody version of the series. But instead, we got something better. And although the game did have development issues over the course of 5 years of its announcement, RockStar Games couldn’t have chosen a better year to release Red Dead Redemption in the midst of an industry where good games are starting to become rare pokemons.

You play as John Marston, a former outlaw that has been redeemed from his crimes and is now on a journey to find a particular person as he roams the ins and outs of Armadillo town. The story unveils itself as you go through the entire world of the wild west. And although we can say that the story is pretty engaging, it’s not as engaging as how it is revealed through RockStar Games’ trademark elements of sharp dialogues and action-packed cutscenes that will drive you to the edge of your seats.

The game masterfully allows players to freely immerse themselves to the WIDE world of the west as both main and side missions are located in various areas. If ever you want to take a break from the storyline, you can always stride down along a cliff with your horse or whatever you’re riding and take part in challenges and quests that are somehow intertwined to what phase of the game you are recently. And trust us, when you do, you’ll appreciate every detail RockStar Games have placed along the world where every grass, every animal, every rock makes you feel you’re in the real land of the outlaws.

What’s also amazing in this game is it’s reputation system where you have the power to choose to become a good guy or bad guy in the sight of certain factions. You can cause ruckus and kill a damsel-in-distress by tying her up on the railroad to get hit by a train so you can get the achievement, or be a regular good guy and save the town bank from dastardly robbers. Either way, you’ll get alot of rewards and perks on whichever side you’ll choose which makes the game a little unique to every player.

The game has amazing modes to choose from. Whether it be single player where you progress through the story of the game, the Free Roam mode where you and probably a couple of your PSN buddies can hang out in the wild west and complete missions. And finally we have the Multiplayer mode, which is awesome beyond belief.

The Multiplayer mode gives you several options where you can either do an all-out deathmatch-like shoot-out between you and your friend or random PSN players or a capture-the-flag type of game where you attempt to grab the other side’s loot bag for points. What’s great about the multiplayer mode is that the entire environment from the single player is at your disposal, which can be a little demanding at times, but tactical options are almost endless.

When it comes to the graphics and sounds, RockStar Games did not fail to impress as every detail, every atmosphere, every background music speaks wild west unlike any other game, and probably any other movie, has ever done before. As you unfold every bit of the plot, every outlaw you lay to waste, every pony you ride on top of a cliff, Red Dead Redemption is a masterpiece that almost has no equal in the world of .

From the story, the gameplay, the modes, the technical stuff; Red Dead Redemption has impressed the entire video game industry with its solid and powerful overall package. It’s no wonder why it got high marks among gaming critics everywhere. And now as the Game Developers Choice Awards unfolds, it wouldn’t be surprising if Red Dead Redemption receives a number of awards there as it deserves every single nomination as much as, or even more, than its competition.

Our overall rating is 10/10. Congratulation to RockStar Games, congratulations John Marston, congratulations Red Dead Redemption.


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