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Duke Nukem Forever Game Trailer is Here!

Written on January 24, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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"What about the game Duke, was it any good?" "Yeah, but after 12 @#$%&* years, it should be."

What? Do you think he’d be gone forever? Well not anymore. Developers have recently released a new trailer that heralds the return of video game land’s most bad-ass character in history, . Twelve years, we’ve been waiting for this, twelve years they made us wait for the game to come into reality, but now true-believers will get what they want and much much more as the gaming legend brings back all the action, all the drama, and all the whooping. The game is set for a release this 3rd of May. Is it going to be good? Well, certainly had an interesting set of words to say at the end of the trailer.

“What about the game Duke, was it any good?” “Yeah, but after 12 @#$%&* years, it should be.”

*Warning: Trailer video is NSFW.

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