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Nvidia to Reveal Tegra 2 3D Chip at Mobile World Congress?

Written on January 24, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Things are starting to heat up as Nvidia might catapult the mobile and tablet device market into the third dimension.

Reports have leaked a snapshot from Nvidia’s presentation for the Mobile World Congress or . And if the rumors and the picture is for real, then it seems Nvidia will be launching Tegra 2 processor later this year for future mobile gadgets that will be having, you guessed it, a screen. Based on a Dual Cortex A9 that’s generously clocked to 1.2 GHz, the Tegra 2 processor seems to be up to the challenge of setting the trend for future mobile and devices, which may spell trouble to the Nintendo 3DS, Intel and perhaps even the juggernaut we call Apple.

Although the Nintendo 3DS will have staunch support from gaming loyalists, smartphones and tablets capable of showing 3D will pose a threat as former Nvidia staff Roy Taylor explains that looking at a 3D enabled smartphone and tablet is much more convenient because consumers tend to ignore more. The lesser the , the better the 3D would look. Unlike in the Nintendo 3DS where several precautions must be made in order to view the 3D feature properly.

Unless Apple comes up with the same wave of 3D capable and , and Intel to compete with such a groundbreaking technology with their Atom chip, the two behemoths of the technology arena could shrivel under the potentially superior processor. As a report has put it, why purchase an expensive iPhone that has a defective antennae over a phone that can show 3D and potentially do much more?

We’ll keep track of this report as we draw closer to the Mobile World Congress. So stay tuned!

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