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Rumors: HTC Arrive and Kyocera Echo Coming with Sprint; iPad 2 Only Has 1MP Camera

Written on January 24, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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News of HTC and Kyocera's partnership with Sprint breaks into cyberspace. iPad 2's 1MP camera rumor is the biggest WTF yet.

Word’s spreading fast around cyber town as logo images of HTC and Kyocera’s new devices pop up over at Engaget. The devices are rumored to sport as its carrier according to tipsters. On the other hand, news that the 2 having only a 1MP camera has definitely alarmed the world of and fans.

If the age of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator has told us something, is that anything can look legit with the right software and the right skill-set to use them. Over at Engaget, we’ve come across this image of and logos, which tipsters have told the tech website are the titles of upcoming devices that will come around for Sprint. Coincidentally, the name has been registered at the very same day the tech website has received the copy of the logos. Although Engaget disclaims that the images should never be used as proof, the dots seem to be connecting all by themselves. is also rumored to have .

The much anticipated and speculated on the other hand has been getting its share of the “what the!?” as 9 to 5 Mac, via techi, reports that the sequel of the successful iPad 2 will only have one-megapixel for its rear-facing camera at the back of the unit. Although we’re pretty sure Apple won’t let this happen and the specs may (must) be subject to change anytime later. But if it is true, then that’s one BIG step backwards for the fruit company as the iPad 2 won’t exactly be a great tool in taking photographs. For profile pictures, maybe; but for everything else, forget it.


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