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Rumored Official Sony PSP2 Photo Unleashed

Written on January 25, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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It's pretty hard to believe that any photo that's leaked over the Internet is real, but certain websites claim that this PSP2 image may be legit.

Too good to be true? Probably. It’s just a matter of 2 days until finally elaborates on their nextgen or “2″ as fans would like to call it, but another photo surfaced in cyberspace via Kotaku where the website speculates that it came from Sony itself. And although the resolution speaks fan-photoshop, the professionalism of the layout and the peripherals, specs, and features that come with the console may be proof enough that this image is legit.

The photo shows that the will be having a stylus, a 32 GB SD memory card, and also a memory stick. As to why there’s a need for a stylus, our guess is just as good as yours. The handheld console will also be sporting two analog nubs, giving it a layout similar to the PS3.

Reports state that the image may be a snapshot of one of Sony’s handouts once their press conference kicks in January 27, thus explaining the low resolution and the missing copyright watermarks of the image.

Stay tuned as Gadg delivers to you news on the PSP2 this week as Sony makes the announcement.

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