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Play Halo Using Minecraft (Not Really)

Written on January 28, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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What happens when you mix Halo and Minecraft under one game? Well modder SidolaTehNerd certainly didn't have all day to think about it, so he just made it happen.

Mods are at it again! But this time, they took the time to figure out the twists and turns of ’s system and used it to recreate . Yes, you heard that right, . An FPS under the boxy world of Minecraft done right. SidolaTehNerd explained that the map they’re using is a recreation of the classic map, Lockout. They’re currently playing the on an hMod server and have ingeniously used the elements and system of Minecraft to make the gameplay somewhat entertaining. The modders did not explain however if they’re ready to share this to the world.

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