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Best Gaming Keyboard for Hardcore Gamers

Written on January 29, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Choosing the right gaming keyboard can be tough. With dozens of keyboards available in the market today, what are the best ones out there that will feed my lust for blood or guns or whatever?

Getting the right mouse is one thing, getting the right is another. Just like a gaming mouse, the gaming is the heart and soul of an entire gaming experience. Each press of a button can spell the difference of victory or defeat whether it’s a role-playing game, a first-person shooter game, and others. But what does make a gaming great? And are there any gaming keyboards out there that shine/light up above the rest of its kind? Hit the break and find out our list of the best gaming keyboards along with a crash course in choosing the right one for your gaming needs.

So how will you know if a gaming keyboard is right for you? How will you know that it’ll help you in your times of need whenever you’re raiding in World of Warcraft, micro-managing in StarCraft II, or in a shooting frenzy in Call of Duty: Black Ops? Well it all boils down to the customizable key options, the visibility of the keys even under the darkest conditions, the software that comes with the keyboard, and of course the design or comfort level to the gamer. These are the factors that you’ll look into once you’re out braving the mystic world of a computer store.

At the moment, there are dozens of gaming keyboards out there that might fit your liking, but to make things easier for you we’ve gathered the five of what cyberspace has regarded as the best that’s available in the market:

Gaming Keyboard: Considered as a command center in the world of gaming. It has a full color GamePanel LCD display that not only provides information on the games, but it’s also capable of showing CPU load, VoIP data and even videos and pictures, which allows you to view a plethora of information without alt+tabbing from your game. It has everything you will ever need. The only downside here is it’s a little expensive, but nonetheless a great investment for the hardcore gamer such as yourself.

Gaming Keyboard: One of the best gaming keyboards out there. It oozes with features that will make gaming alot easier with several customizable key options, a backlit that gives great key visibility, and a Logitech GamePanel LCD which gives certain information on the game you’re playing. It’s the keyboard that knows almost everything. It’s design is not as intimidating as the higher-end keyboards available, so you won’t feel so daunted whenever you play. It’s a very good, cheap alternative to the Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard.

Gaming Keyboard: Razer surely knows how us gamers tick. The Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard is king when it comes to macro capabilities, as it’s software allows the user to reprogram every single key to his or her likings. Every key is also backlit which makes it really cool when you’re playing at low to no lights. The downside to this though is that the keys are hard to see under well-lit conditions. However, with it’s 1000Hz response time, easy access media keys, plus modes where you can easily switch from gaming to everyday use, the Razer Lycosa is one of the best gaming keyboards out there.

Gaming Keyboard: Looking for a gaming keyboard that mixes style, comfort, and functionality? Well look no further. Razer Tarantula is considered as the prettiest gaming keyboard available with great backlights and a sleek design that sports ten dedicated macro keys, though you can always customize more keys with its profile management option.

: With 30 programmable keys along with two colors for backlighting, this is one great gaming keyboard that you can invest on. The keyboard also has a mode switching option which allows you to interchange between your work/school to gaming keyboard with ease. And it also has a detachable keypad, though we have no exact idea as to why we would need it.

A gaming keyboard begins and ends with the user’s preference and the size of his/her pocket. Use the factors mentioned above and go on your crusade in finding the best gaming keyboard for the hardcorest of hardcore gamer out there: You. Keep playing!

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  • Microsoft Sidewinder X6: sucks

    Microsoft Sidewinder X6:
    is a terrible keyboard. I personally own one and I regret the purchase everyday. I didn’t have issues with it right away, but the membrane seems to shift, and the ‘9’,’8′ and ‘i’ buttons become unusable. Sure you can fix this yourself, but doing this every month becomes very tedius. Also, the drivers are outdated and do not properly function with windows 7. All the media buttons suffer a serious delay. Micosoft offers not help on either issue.

  • Zodir

    Avoid absolutely the G19. Weak mechanics, drivers are nightmare… I did use it on Vista and win7… my god.
    You do open an mp3 through mplayer, then you close it and it continues to play due to the mplayer process running with the keyboard. Then I had the crazy windows popup just like the keyboard shortcuts run by themselves… all of that for 250 CHF (approx 250 US$ at that time)
    I was not happy with it at all and surprised about so weak quality for a swiss product (as being swiss)

  • Pauly Pantel

    what about the steelseries 7G? WTF

  • Krx

    Volume knob is laggy, volume gets stuck and goes up to max which is most annoying feature. Black color wears off from keys, keys getting stuck, it squeaks and rattles when typing on it, worst keyboard I ever have.
    In fact my experience is that keyboard quality goes down with bigger price.
    Maybe your model is OK, but mine sucked big time. :(

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