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Best Gaming Mouse for the Hardcore Gamers

Written on January 30, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Along with the keyboard, the mouse is the heart of the PC gaming. Find out what makes a good gaming mouse tick and what are the best ones available in the market.

What is the best gaming out there for hardcore gamers such as yourself? Well it’ll all boil down to what you need and prefer as choosing the right gaming often relies on your criteria on several factors that affect the way you play. Why don’t you hit up the break as GADG reveals to you what are the key features that makes a great gaming plus what are the best gaming mice available in the market today.

Raid night, your group encounters a boss where precision of every action is the key between victory and wipe. And although you wish you could quickly respond to every action the enemy throws at you, your mouse fails you at your most dire moment. How many times has this happened to you? Well it shouldn’t anymore. A makes and breaks a gaming experience as every click of the finger and every swoosh of the wrist becomes your lifeline.

So now you’re going to purchase a new mouse to make gaming easier? Well don’t go into the thick of the gaming isle blindfolded. You must know several factors of what makes a good gaming mice that will make you rule the virtual world without breaking a sweat.

  • Sensitivity Rate (/CPI): The less you need to move your hands, the better. A mouse’s sensitivity is valued either as a DPI or CPI. The higher the DPI/CPI, the more sensitive your gaming mouse will respond. However, a very high sensitivity mouse requires a steady hand in order to get the most out of it. Also check if a gaming mouse is capable of adjusting its sensitivity rate so you can experiment which DPI/CPI works best for you.
  • Programmable Buttons: Sometimes it’s just not enough to have a left, right and scroll buttons for a mouse. Games these days require quick reflexes and accurate commands, so getting a gaming mouse added with programmable buttons can definitely help you out with actions and macros.
  • Weight: Along with sensitivity, weight is also a factor when it comes to your ability to respond to the gaming environment. Choose a gaming mouse that’s weight is to your liking, or better, get a gaming mouse where you can adjust its weight.
  • Shape: Your fingers should snuggle right around your gaming mouse perfectly. This makes you work around the more comfortably without the stress and hassle of figuring out how to hold it.

We’re done with the factors that make a good gaming mouse, but are there any mice out there that fits to every single criteria? Of course. Check out these mouses that are considered the best by hardcore gamers such as yourself. These gaming mice are solely created to bring out the best out of every individual, so get ready for a list of awesomeness.

: If God had a gaming mouse, this is it. Considered as the best gaming mouse by several hardcore gamers who had the time to make a review about it, the Razer Naga hits the mark with high sensitivity resolution (5600 dpi), a compact, comfortable and sleek design, and a plethora of programmable buttons. Plus if you’re the type who plays with the lights off, it’s awesome blue lighting are attractive enough to make fireflies green with envy. This is the perfect gaming mouse for , especially World of Warcraft.

: A wireless mouse that acts just like a wired one, but with no wires! The Razer Mamba is like a twin brother to the Razer Naga, except its limbs/buttons have been cut down to six. Still it’s an impressive wireless mouse that boasts of a 1ms latency and 5,600 dpi resolution. And check this out, if you don’t want it wireless, an attachable usb cord is at your disposal so you can go old school.

Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse: The son of one of the most popular gaming mice in history, the Logitech G5. Gamers consider the mouse as the one with the perfect shape that ensures a good grip. And with its ten programmable buttons and a 5,600 dpi sensitivity resolution, it easily makes our list as one of the best gaming mice available in the market today. What’s more is that if you think the G500 is too light, you can always add up to 27g of weight through a removable tray to make your gaming experience much easier.

Logitech G9X Laser Mouse: Some of us need to balance hardcore gaming and hardcore working (well maybe just working), and for those who think that work and play don’t quite agree when it comes to a computer mouse, well Logitech is here to shout at your face saying ‘You’re damn wrong.’ The G9X provides interchangeable grips that allow the users to switch between great comfort or great fingertip control. So whenever you’re waiting during a queue, you can always switch grips as you browse through the internet or finish a graphic design work you’ve been hired to do. And did we mention it has 5,600 dpi? Now we did.

Microsoft Sidewinder: Looking for a cheaper alternative? Well Microsoft’s got you covered. The Microsoft Sidewinder may fall a little short on the dpi department, with only 2000 dpi max; but its other features just tell us it’s a good gaming mouse as well. With its adjustable weight (you can add 5 to 30 grams to it), five programmable buttons, an LCD that displays current dpi plus an interchangeable feet that allows you to adjust its friction, the Microsoft Sidewinder is a really good alternative for those under a tight budget without sacrificing much of the essentials in a gaming mouse.

A gaming mouse begins and ends with the user’s preference and the size of his/her pocket. Use the factors mentioned above and go on your crusade in finding the best gaming mouse for the hardcorest of hardcore gamer out there: You. Keep playing!

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  • Anonymous

    Wow ,it is rally the best Gaming Mouse for the Hardcore Gamers,I want to buy one to play computer games.

  • Ss

    Actually mamba is wireless deathadder

    • You’reAKnob

      actually the mamba is much different from the deathadder. Feels different, looks different, performs faster.

  • Lim3s

    Naga? Seriously?
    Get your shit straight, the Naga is hardly the best mice out there. And no mention of the Steelseries Xai? Get out of here noobs.

  • ANNM

    I gave the Mamba and it’s rubish.

  • Anonymous

    G9x is 5700dpi actually.

  • wu

    stop arguing biachez best mouse evah is g700 and its not listed bcuz most of u cant afford it anyway

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I couldn’t afford the $99.99 Logitech G700.  :-P  After spending just over $1300.00 purchasing and testing over a dozen high-end gaming mice (including the Logitech G700), I chose the Razer Naga Epic as my favorite.  Of course, preference is always subjective, but I’ve found that the majority of folks who are unrealistically critical of the Naga (or of any other brand/model of high-end mouse) write what they do because they actually can’t afford one of their own – or at least are not able to afford any more than the one mouse they already have in order to reasonably compare two or more of them.  It’s like not being able to buy a Bugatti to compare and contrast, but rather than saying “I can’t have one,” it’s easier on the ego to simply say, “I don’t like Bugattis.”

  • No

    Wow you guys are fucking morons. Best mice are abyssus,da and wmo 1.1a/1.1.

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