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Sony PS3 Getting Online Saving in Firmware 3.60?

Written on January 31, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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The skies and the clouds are the limit for the PlayStation 3 with Online Saving feature.

Recent reports have revealed that will be incorporating a new feature for the update which will definitely change the way we play our games wherever we are. Called “,” the cloud storage system allows players to save their games on a remote server rather than the PS3 hard drives, thus giving more space on the gaming console.

Sounds pretty sweet, huh? This means we can play our saved games on any console as long as the game is available. But here’s the catch: rumors report that the feature will be only made to subscribers, thus properly calling the Online Saving feature the “.”

It was reported back in 2009 that a similar feature was about to be unleashed by Sony where it was called “PS Cloud.” But it was only until Firmware 3.60 that the feature came into reality.

Stick around as we find out more about the PS3’s Online Saving feature.

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