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Will We See PSP Games on the Sony NGP?

Written on January 31, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Will old PSP UMD titles see the light of day again once the Sony NGP comes around?

Sony has announced that it’s currently working with developers and publishers to release past games on the . Such a move would allow players to play titles to other consoles, such as the . Although the company has admitted that certain UMD titles may not be permitted for a due to copyright issues.

The Sony NGP is the next generation of portable gaming, it has all the right features and gimmicks, but one question lingers among avid PlayStation Portable fans that the Sony NGP may have trouble answering: will the Sony NGP play games later on?

It’s really been an issue to devoted fans if a next gen console would support games from the previous one. The Sony NGP seems to have multiple card slots but no UMD drive in sight. That makes us wonder what we’re going to do with our library of UMDs that’s going to collect layers of dust once the newest handheld console comes around.

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