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World of Warcraft Gold Sellers at the Edge; PayPal Sends Ultimatum

Written on January 31, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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It's time to even the playing field as Blizzard convinces PayPal to suspend accounts using the service to illegally sell virtual currency.

Want an easier way of getting the best goods in the World of Warcraft? Then better count gold buying out of the equation as convinced to suspend accounts that are using the service to illicitly sell World of Warcraft gold currency. Blizzard has appealed that such an act is in violation of their intellectual properties and swift action must be taken.

PayPal on the other hand seems to be cool about the subject matter as they’ve given the time to appeal for their case. If not convinced, PaypPal will suspend their accounts with no remorse unless they stopped doing such illegal transactions.

PayPal’s letter to gold sellers via WowInsider:

“You were reported to PayPal as an Intellectual Properties violation by Blizzard Entertainment Inc. for the sale of World of Warcraft Merchandise.
If you feel your sales do not infringe upon the rights of the Reporting Party, please complete the attached Objection to Infringement Report by January 21, 2011.

The completed form should be faxed to the attention of the Acceptable Use Policy Department at [number removed] or emailed to [email removed].
Should you choose not to object to the report, you will be required to remove all World of Warcraft Merchandise from the website [url removed] in order to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy.”

has been a lucrative business in World of Warcraft. Possessing a significant amount of virtual cash allows players to purchase high-end materials and services that would help characters progress through the game without any qualms or troubles. Although the issue has been around ever since World of Warcraft was introduced, it was only until now we’ve seen Blizzard publicly fight these perpetrators. Now the playing field is getting even again.

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