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The Alternate Dimension Where Grand Theft Auto Never Existed

Written on February 01, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Fifteen years of sheer greatness; that's one way to describe Grand Theft Auto. But would you imagine everything might've never existed because of certain issues before the first title was released?

Have you imagined a world where never existed? Neither did we. But that alternate reality almost became our reality as an interview with the original developer admits that the immensely popular open-world video game’s first title almost didn’t get a release. No, the reason doesn’t have anything to do with politics or morales. It all roots down to the basics: It’s not playable.

, a former developer at British developer DMA Design, was part of the team who was working on the first Grand Theft Auto game for the PC. In an interview over at GamaSutra, he shares that there are two critical things that withheld the first GTA game from a release: Stability and Car handling.

“There are probably two key things it fell down on. Two critical things. One of them is stability, which is a really boring one but it crashed all the fucking time. So even if you did get something in the game, you couldn’t really test it. Now the other thing that was a problem was the handling — the car handling was appalling…the core of playing was fundamentally broken.”

Fortunately, the dev team didn’t give up. They managed to fix all the issues and made all police car AIs more manic which lead to what they are today. Grand Theft Auto has been around the video game industry for almost fifteen years, and it’s quite impossible to imagine a world without the game.

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