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ASUS Lamborghini Delivers Sexiness in HDD

Written on February 02, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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It's sleek, it's sexy, it's shiny. But does it have all the right curves to get you hooked?

has just unveiled the , a jet black external harddrive that’s touted to complement the just as sexy Lamborghini VX67 and VX7 notebook. It’s sleek, it’s sexy, it’s shiny. But does it have all the right curves to get you hooked and make you bring it back home?

The 5.33 x 3.13 x 0.7-inch ASUS Lamborghini comes in 3 models: two versions which come in either 500GB and 700GB with spins at 5400RPM; and a version which comes in with 750GB capable of 7200RPM. It also has the FlexSave file management that’s said to give a clean user interface with a capacity indicator bar, a one-click auto backup functionality, and an energy-efficient idle mode. Oh and did we mention how sexy it looks with its jet-black, Lamborghini logo-embedded, skin?

Unfortunately, the HDD models come at a price that’s almost double of its competition today. The USB 2.0 HDDs have a suggested retail price of $119 for the 500GB model and $139 for the 750GB model. No word yet on how much the USB 3.0 HDD will cost, but we’re guessing it’s relatively expensive.

If you’re not too picky about the cost and just want the aesthetics of owning a very stylish ASUS Lamborghini HDD, then go for it. Other than that, it’s just an overpriced HDD with a Lamborghini logo on it. NEXT!

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