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T-Mobile Details LG G-Slate: We Get Honeycomb, Dual-Core, 3D Camera and 3D Display

Written on February 02, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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It may be no Nintendo 3DS where it doesn't need a pair of glasses to view 3D content, but the LG G-Slate is still slated to become the best Android tablet out there.

Looks like it’s all out for as they uncover the specs and details of the much hyped . The G-Slate, which is hoping to become the best tablet to date, so far has an impressive roster of features which include the much anticipated , a dual-core chipset, an 8.9-inch topped off with a . However, the tablet won’t be anything near the Nintendo 3DS as the device needs glasses in order to properly view the 3D content.

So what’s the deal with the Tegra 2 chipset? Well the 1GHz dual-core chip allows the tablet to display 720p HD and 3D content plus the ability to output 1080p HD and 3D content to televisions and displays. The LG G-Slate has a storage space of 32GB, probably just enough even with a two-megapixel front camera and five-megapixel stereoscopic 3D back camera around.

The G-Slate will run on T-Mobile’s 21mbps HSPA+. No price and release date has been revealed as of the moment, but T-Mobile is teasing that it will come around spring.

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