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Palm ‘Think Beyond’ WebOS Tablet Teaser is REALLY a Teaser

Written on February 03, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Palm is teasing something grand, something black, something curvy, something sexy. We don't know what it is from the video, but we can make an educated guess that it's the much hyped HP Palm WebOS Tablet.

With only less than a week before holds a press for a in San Francisco, here comes with their “Think Beyond” teaser which gives us a REALLY short glimpse of what we’ll probably see on that fateful day: an HP . There’s nothing much too see except the elegant curves, a swtichgear, and something that seems to be a charging connector. A longer version of the 8 second clip teased a back-face camera. And although the video didn’t say anything, we’re pretty sure it’s the WebOS HP and Palm is concocting since the title of the clip coincides with the press invitation HP has sent out to the attendees which read “Think Big. Think Small. Think Beyond.” But geez, this teaser has definitely served its purpose of teasing viewers.

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