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Best Free Android Apps for Music Lovers

Written on February 05, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Nothing like some good tunes to get you past the day. Check out GADG's picks for the best free Android apps for music lovers.

We’re done with the first month of 2011 and into the next and the OS, along with devices that support the green bot, is growing stronger than ever as its community continues to grow exponentially. The library is also seeing a significant increase as hundreds of thousands of developers and ordinary people like yourself joins the fray of creating great for everyone to use. These apps serve for different purposes, and one of them is music.

But with the millions of apps available for the OS today, what are the best apps I can get to feed my hunger for music as I go on with my daily grind? Well that’s why GADG is here to give you five of the currently best music Android apps available today. Some of them may be little old, but they’ve also reached the status of being classic that would make them last throughout the year.

Pandora Radio: Pandora Radio is one of the most used Android app in the market despite it’s long run. If you want to have your own personalized radio station that plays only music that you love, then look no further. Pandora Radio will create that dream station of yours plus it plays music tracks that are similar to your tastes. You not only get what you want, but you get to discover new bands and songs along the way.

Winamp: And we thought that it’s dead. But this Windows juggernaut has come back from the great beyond and into the Android to become the best music and media management solution that allows you to sync it with your wireless desktop, an iTunes library import, and access to thousands of internet radio stations via SHOUTcast. Unlike it’s early 2000 spawn, Winamp for the Android OS has a friendly user-interface that you can easily explore.

Lyrics App: What’s a better way to drown your sorrows or lift your excitement from a bad/good day? Why singing along with your favorite songs of course! Lyrics App is a no-brainer as it displays the lyrics of the song that’s currently playing. The user interface has no frills as it shows the lyrics dead on. It also has an icon that you can easily access from your display.

Shazam: You’ll no longer need to play ‘name that tune’ anymore as Shazam will do all the analyzing for you. This app is God send. How many times have you listened to a good song inside a coffee shop or shopping mall but couldn’t figure out what’s the title or who sang it? Well Shazam is here to identify any song that’s playing on the radio, television, or anywhere. Just place your phone near the music and let it do it’s music.

PowerAMP Music Player: Want to tap the inner disc jockey in you? Well PowerAmp Music Player can help you jumpstart your career to a hot and fabulous (yet underpaid) profession. With 10 band graphical equalizer, and the ability to play almost all types of music format, you can customize the way you listen to your favorite tracks. Although this isn’t a completely free app, the 15-day trial is enough to convince you to buy the full version.

There are thousands of apps out there that’s up for grabs, but the five that we just mentioned stood out the most. These are your essential apps that will feed your need for music, but ultimately in the end, you are the one who has the power over your phone. Happy listening!


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