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HTC Desire 2 Picture Leaked; Phone Goes Gingerbread

Written on February 07, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Is HTC Desire 2 coming soon? Only HTC can tell. Good thing Mobile World Congress 2011 is almost here.

If it’s one thing we learned from , is that they’re real. This phenomena occurred with the Sony Xperia Phone aka PlayStation Phone, and now we’re guessing the same thing will happen here with the leaked picture of the .

According to the Rastaman_FB via forums, the 2 is running on a superAMOLED screen and an OS. It is also rumored to support 4-point multitouch though no word on what kind of processor and battery power the device will have.

The only way we’ll know if the rumors are true is when HTC does all the talking. The () is coming in less than a week, stay tuned as we deliver the latest news on the HTC Desire 2.

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