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Which of the Seven Types of iPhone User Are You?

Written on February 07, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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You have an iPhone? Well check out the Seven Types of iPhone user and see which stereotype you belong to.

The has definitely changed the way its users think, play, and do stuff. Ever since its arrival to the mortal world, the device has become some sort of proverbial smartphone holy grail that everyone is looking for. And now that the is coming to , most likely the rate of converts will increase overtime. And now that the iPhone population has practically grown to have its very own country, some people just can’t help but stereotype every single .

Here are the of iPhone users courtesy of We’ve got the Fanboy, the Unappreciative, the Overuser, the Desk Job, the Hacker, the Senior Citizen and the Complainer. So which shoe fits for you?

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