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The Death of Activision’s Guitar Hero (A Eulogy)

Written on February 10, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Goodbye Guitar Hero; you brought out the rockstar in all of us.

The music genre hasn’t been particularly nice to video games these past couple of weeks. Want proof? Well what better proof do you need than the cancellation of probably an uprising institution for music-enthusiasts (not music producers), ’s . Yes it’s all over Twitter and the web; it’s the talk of the town. is dead.

The game has certainly been a big inspiration to people who were frustrated musicians, as it gave them a venue to virtually fulfill their deepest fantasies of performing infront of a live/digital audience; but all fantasies must have an end somehow.

Could we compare its career to a real-life rockstar? Well probably. When the game genre started, Guitar Hero was a proverbial rockstar, people love it, players start to get addicted to it. But after years and years of stellar performance, its luster began to fade not because it was getting old, but most likely because it barely has interesting titles to play with. The series’ latest (and last) title, had dismal sales record, and with the entire genre starting to crumble, Activision has decided to pull the plug.

Alof of people had very good memories of the game and it’s pretty sad to realize that there will be no more Guitar Hero titles coming out. We can still play the old titles, but is it capable of winning against the test of time? We’re not pretty sure. But most definitely, we’re going to miss Guitar Hero and we hope other titles won’t suffer the same fate anytime soon like and (although recent events are starting to hint that Activision is at the verge of killing as well).

Take a last look at Guitar Hero folks


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