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Google Entering Travel Search Business, Probably Taking Over the World Next

Written on February 13, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Whatever Google wants, Google will get. Watch out Orbitz, Expedia, and all other online travel search sites!

Having trouble booking flights online? I bet you’re pretty much in the loop that airline companies are sorta-scrambling right now thanks to online booking agents like and quarreling which gets paid how much. Will we see any significant changes soon? Not sure. But doesn’t mind as it plans to launch a travel search service of its own where users can find the best airfares available (then probably make an Obama clone and rule the world).

Although Google has the sincerest intentions of making online travel search much easy for you, take note that Google won’t be directly selling the tickets. Instead they’ll show you the cheapest available flights and refer you to other travel sites or to the airline website itself depending on your search. But that’s not all, Google also wants you to have the time of your life as it helps you plan your travels by telling you where to go.

“Google has said that it wants to develop a more advanced kind of flight search than those currently in use. The way it explained the new search, travelers could type in that they want to go to a warm, child-friendly destination in March for less than $300 – and Google would present the options.” – article

Is Google out to take over another industry? Well judging by the way the company works, YES. Hello and welcome to GoogleFlights, please keep your seatbelts fastened and enjoy the ride.

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