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Adobe Flash 10.2 Hints Arrival of Google’s Android Honeycomb in Phones

Written on February 14, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Adobe Flash 10.2 arrives to smartphones 'in the next few weeks.' Adobe Flash 10.2 needs Honeycomb to work well. So is Honeycomb coming 'in the next few weeks' as well?

We still have no idea when the is finally going to hit our phones, and isn’t particularly generous in giving a definite/indefinite release date. But we may see some light from a source as credible as the OS giant, Adobe. In a recent Adobe event, the company disclosed that is coming to smartphones ‘in the next few weeks.’

10.2 promises lesser CPU use in playing web videos, thus theoretically giving better battery life to devices. But Adobe revealed that the Flash 10.2 can’t support earlier versions of the OS – thus Google needed to make some adjustments in their next generation OS for the Adobe Flash 10.2 to take full advantage of the device. And when we say next-gen, we mean Honeycomb. Are we going to see Honeycomb in the next few weeks? Well we hope so.

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