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Qualcomm Adds ‘Krait’ 2.5GHz CPUs to Snapdragon Family, Quad Core Chips Incoming

Written on February 14, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Think your phone is new? Well think again after a couple more months as Qualcomm may inspire manufacturers with their crazy 2.5GHz CPUs!

It was only a matter of time until we see another generation of Snapdragons running about the wilds of the mobile forest. With the proliferation of fast and top-of-the-line getting the best Snapdragons available, is not allowing itself to get comfortable as it unveils the 28nm ‘’ chipsets, a much-faster, next generation Snapdragon family processors which includes a single (MSM8930), dual(MSM8960) and quad (APQ8064) core CPUs.

The multi-core CPUs are capable of integrating a quad-combo of connectivity solutions which includes WiFi, , and . It will also include support for near field communication (NFC), as well as (S3D) video and photo capture and playback. We take it that Qualcomm got the signal that mobile phones are starting to get into the 3D-trend. The new generation of Snapdragon family is touted to increase performance by 150 percent and decrease power consumption of 65 percent compared to the current ARM-based CPU cores.

The dual-core MSM8960 is slated for a release in the second quarter of this year, while single-core MSM 8930 and quad-core APQ8963, both for ‘computing and entertainment devices,’ will make an appearance around early 2012.

We can only imagine right now what developers and manufacturers are thinking right now that they have new toys to play with.

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