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No Pokemon for Wii… Yet

Written on February 15, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Sorry Wii gamers! It seems that a main Pokemon game will not be available for your home console yet. Too bad!

co-founder and Pokemon Black & White director, , discussed his thoughts of a main Pokemon game on . Unfortunately, the director thinks that the game is best played in handheld consoles and not on . But there is a possibility that a Pokemon for will come in the future — that is if GameFreak can come up with a that is suited for home get-together environment.

“Obviously the home console allows people to get together, for parties, and those sorts of things. “Maybe in the future, if we can think of a way to do something cool with that, then that’s the sort of environment we can work in.”

It’s such a bummer that Junichi Masuda doesn’t see home consoles as an part of a main Pokemon game. Would you like to see Pokemon on Wii, or would you also prefer the game to be in handheld consoles?

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