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Sony NGP: Sony’s Great Ambition Came to Life

Written on February 15, 2011 by Charles Bass

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"It's a platform looking forward with great ambition." ---Shuhei Yoshida, SCEA Worldwide Studios President

While ’s Xperia Play soars high, lie low. But we cannot say no to some hot details about the device.

Worldwide Studios President revealed a few interesting details about the device. He said that the will stick around even after the launch of NGP.

“The NGP features everything Sony can and wants to do today,” he said. “It’s a platform looking forward with great ambition.

“It can’t replace a platform that has already been on sale for seven years now. In terms of pricing, we can’t sell the NGP for the same price as a PSP. The PSP has become very affordable and popular, especially with younger generations.”

“I think the NGP needs time to mature and get adopted by users,” he added. “So, for the time being, both platforms will coexist.”

Learning from the lessons of the , Yoshida said that porting games was a goal from the very beginning.

“We were very focused on this area from the start. This is, again, a lesson learnt from the PS3,” he told Edge. “We had to make the environment for NGP as ‘easy’ as possible. Today, many teams are familiar with the PS3 and are used to including a variety of effects in their titles.

“Based on this expertise – and also the working habits they developed working on the PS3 – we had to make development on the NGP as natural as possible – an extension of the PS3, if you will.

“So the three demos you’ve seen – Lost Planet 2, Ryu Ga Gotoku [Yakuza] and MGS4 – they prove porting is simple and quick, but it doesn’t mean that’s all you can expect. My view of NGP isn’t just as a platform for porting PS3 titles.”

However, we think this NGP is just mere codename. So we actually asked the master what will be the name of the device, Yoshida said:

“Well, NGP is the codename we’ve used since 2008. We will announce the final name of the console sometime later this year.”

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