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Imagination Technologies New Series 6 PowerVR GPUs as Powerful as Desktop GPUs?

Written on February 19, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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It's just a matter of time until smartphones become just as powerful as desktop PCs.

unveils their latest GPUs, the . Dubbed as the “Rogue,” the chip is touted to be “20 to 100 more powerful” than their predecessor. If they’ll stick to their word, this means that the “Rogue” will be as powerful as GPUs. As to when they’re gonna release it? Well it won’t be out after a few years as manufacturers will yet have to make devices that will be compatible to the processor. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it’ll be sooner than expected.

Imagination what? Well that’s most of us are probably asking right now, but alot of the guys out there remember Imagination Technologies as the power behind Sega Dreamcast’s graphics. These days, the company is practically an unsung hero being a part of the in mobile devices like the iPhone 4, Galaxy S, and the Droid 2.

Though the pace might change when the comes out. Yes, Imagination Technologies will back up the graphics power of the with the . It is also rumored that the will be making its way into smartphones “within three months.”

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