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Apple Announcing a New High-Speed Connection, Possibly for the Next MacBook Pro

Written on February 21, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Will Apple bless their updated MacBook Pro with a Light Peak technology?

Reports have unveiled that is planning to announce a new high-speed connection which could possibly very well be Intel’s ground-breaking , or something close. It was announced back then by Intel that the fiber-optics turned copper will be making an appearance in the first half of 2011, perhaps this is it. There’s no word as to whether or not the connector will be part of the upcoming MacBook Pro update which is rumored to be a couple of days from now. Expect great things in the next few weeks once has made clear of these reports and rumors.

Intel has demonstrated the might and power of the Light Peak technology back in 2009 using a machine that runs on Apple’s Mac OS X. Seems like the smoke is turning into fire.

The Light Peak technology was originally touted by Intel as the ‘holy grail’ of connector technology which is capable of replacing all the unnecessary myriad of cables into one single connector. It was originally designed to use fiber-optic technology but was toned down to copper for the practical side of things. Though fiber-optics or copper, Light Peak technology is significantly faster than the as it is capable of sending data at 10GB per second.

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