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Diablo 3’s Male Demon Hunter Class Details Unveiled; Expect Traps, Arrows, and Awesome!

Written on February 21, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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No demon is safe when the Demon Hunter begins to wield his bow and arrow, and lay traps to make sure nothing gets near him.

We have no idea when Diablo 3 is coming out, but that ain’t gonna stop Blizzard in unveiling details of the much anticipated sequel to one of the greatest RPG games it has ever concocted. And now we’re treated with some juicy information on the latest class of Diablo 3, the through an intense interview with Game Director and Senior Designer via interview at DiabloFans.

You heard that right, the female Demon Hunter now has her soulmate, and he’s just as dark and just as brooding as his female counterpart. Christian Lichtner and Jason Bender answered some pretty good questions too regarding the role, story, and gameplay of the Demon Hunter in Diablo 3.

The class is going to be purely ranged just like the Wizard but they will also have some arsenals once the range gap has been meddled with by the opponents, unfortunately they aren’t melee attacks like in World of Warcraft. Instead, they’ll be using and .

The Demon Hunters will have a very dark and mysterious character as Lichtner and Bender unveils that the class have dealt with demons all their lives. And with a little attunement to the monstrosities that are roaming around, they’ve become pretty knowledgeable about the demons. They’ve also become accustomed to the fire and shadow elements and will be using these in their shots and traps.

The class is still under development and will certainly get a couple more changes as we go along the way. But in any case, Demon Hunters are just what the doctor ordered to players who prefer strategic, ranged, and physical combat.

To read the complete interview, follow this link.

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