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Category: Hardware

MSI Implements B3 Stepping Chipset from Intel

Written on February 21, 2011 by Adam Eve

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After Intel announced the SATA problems in its Series 6 chipsets last month, MSI immediately took action to replace all of their affected products.

After announced the SATA problems in its Series 6 chipset last month, immediately implemented the B3 Stepping Chipset on its main boards. Facing product defects as a result of the chipset design problem, MSI started replacing all affected products.

And for conumers’ safety, the latest MSI P67/H67 main boards with Intel B3 Stepping Chipset will be labeled with “MSI B3 Stepping Ready” stickers. Meanwhile, MSI has contacted all supply channels to monitor currently affected products, and wholeheartedly apologizes for all the inconveniences. With an implementation of the new chipset , let’s just hope that this will solve the SATA problem.

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