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Category: Apple Hardware

Intel Updates its Sandy Bridge Family

Written on February 22, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Intel's Sandy Bridge got a new family member, and they most likely to bound for Apple MacBooks and some PC vendors across the planet.

Yesterday, added i3, mobile i5, and mobile Core i7 dual-core chips to its family. The low-powered i5-2537M (1.4GHz), standard i5-2540M and i5-2520M chips are priced at $250, $266, and $225, respectively in thousand unit quantities.

Meanwhile, the current crop of dual-core i7 mobile processors now includes i7-2620M, i7-2649 that cost $346, and i7-2657 that is tagged at $317. The new i3 processors, on the other hand, includes i3-2120 and i3-2100, and are set at $138 and $117 respectively.

The new set of Intel Sandy Bridge processors are likely to bound MacBooks and about every vendor world-wide. In addition to this, is expected to announce new that will sport the new dual-core Sandy Bridge chipsets soon.

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