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New MacBook Pros Come with Thunderbolt, Sandy Bridge, and… AMD?

Written on February 24, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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It'll be stronger, it'll be better, but will it be cheaper?

It’s only a matter of hours left until we finally get to see the new MacBook Pros is ready to unveil in their event (along with the 2 of course), and CNET has just learned about the new features the PC-killers have that will definitely put you on the edge of your seats. What are they? Well nothing short of Intel’s Light Peak now officially named ‘,’ Core i Series processors, and AMD processors. Yes you heard that right, AMD, not NVIDIA, are now offered to power up the hefty 15″ and 17″ MacBook Pros.

Intel’s Light Peak technology is now aptly renamed to ‘Thunderbolt,’ a connector that let’s users move a large quantity of data through their peripheral devices such as external devices that need high-speed connections. Touted to be faster than the speed of USB 3.0, the Thunderbolt will make its first appearance in the new generation MacBook Pros.

, i5, and i7 processors will also make their appearance to the 13″,15″, and 17″ respectively that promises to improve power efficiency and performance. Processor speeds can reach up to 2.3GHz but can be modified to go almost as fast as the speed of a 3GHz.

Finally, the biggest news perhaps inside those fine MBPs are the entry of . 15″ and 17″ graphics will be powered by NVIDIA’s fiercest (and perhaps only) rival, AMD. Though the graphics chip will only be activated when the MacBooks need hefty firepower, otherwise it’ll only use the Intel graphics inside. The 13″ MBP on the other hand will no longer have a dedicated graphics chip and will rely on the ’s graphics.

Stay tuned as we inch closer to Apple’s official announcement on the new MacBook Pros!

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