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Android Market Welcomes E-Books; Are Movies and Music Next?

Written on February 25, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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E-books make an entry at the Android Market. Will Movies and Music sections come next?

Over the past week, lovers has been in a frantic frenzy (Gadg is well aware of its redundancy) with the rise of new URLS which fixated us on two, to be specific: and But before we go crazy over the two yet-to-be-functioning URLs, let’s give some love as we welcome the section of the ( What’s in it? Well we’re not particularly sure if a lot will be excited over ’s , but hey, at least the URL exists.

The e-book only costs $9.00, which isn’t a bad deal. But then again, we’re more psyched about the movies and music section of the Android Market. We just can’t help but wonder what the green bot will offer to us loyal fans first. Too bad we didn’t hear anything about these during ’s Honeycomb event.

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