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Thunderbolt I/O Not Exclusive to Apple; Intel Technology Strikes on LaCie and Promise Peripherals Too

Written on February 26, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Thunderbolt strikes twice on LaCie and Pegasus Technology.

devotees won’t have all the fun with Intel’s work of , the I/O. Apparently, storage mavericks LaCie and Promise will be having the super-speed as well according to an Intel PR. In terms of OEMs, the company is targeting to strike Thunderbolts outside the boundaries of MacBook Pro too, though expect that to come around the first or second quarter of 2012.

LaCie and Promise Technology’s massive peripherals are capable of storing large digital and audio files, with transfer rates that go beyond current mortal comprehension.

The Promise Pegasus RAID array is capable of doing 800MB/sec video streams which is said to be 12x faster than Firewire 800 and 20x faster than the USB 2.0. The device will come either in four-bay or six-bay aluminum enclosures with up to 12TB of raw storage. The Pegasus RAID seems to target multimedia and creative professionals who want high-speed playbacks which, until now, could only be achieved by desktops.

“Intel is excited about the superior performance and simplicity Thunderbolt technology and PROMISE’s Pegasus family of products will bring to consumers and media professionals trying to keep up with the explosion of digital media,” said Jason Ziller, Director, Thunderbolt Planning and Marketing, Intel Corporation.

The is designed to store large audio and video files which will deliver a new level of performance to creative work flows with incredibly fast data transfers, system backups, and faster content editing. The peripheral can deliver multiple streams of and hours of content within minutes, without sacrificing performance and badwidth.

“Intel believes Thunderbolt technology in combination with LaCie’s unique portfolio of storage products and displays will drive new levels of performance and simplicity for consumers,” said Ziller.

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