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Panasonic Confirmed: 3D TV Sales Surpassed HD TV

Written on February 27, 2011 by Adam Eve

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The sales on 3D TV surpassed the HD TV market adoption? How true could that be?

In an attempt to recover the big investments made in 3D , the industry has been in survival mode for quite a while. But this time, CTO, Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, claims that the masses have finally warmed to the platform. According to the CTO, “Within North America, the industry shipped some 2 million Full HD 3D enabled televisions after just nine months on the market.”

While people can say that Eisuke Tsuyuzaki has a point regarding the market’s quick adoption of 3D TVs, the statement needs to contextualize. Panasonic and its competitors committed just a part of the budget to get in the market compared to 3D. In addition to this, the 3D TV platform also had a showcase film – the Avatar – to reveal what it’s really capable of, but the were still slow out of the gate.

Maybe 3D TV viewing can become a big business. But suggesting that the industry is where they hoped it would be is a lie.

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