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Greplin: Search Engine for All Your Social Networking Accounts

Written on February 28, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Got a cluttered social life online? Maybe Greplin can help you manage the mess.

If you have a very busy social networking life, then is for you. is the first ever search system which keep track of all your personal cloud data in the Internet. Using this system will help you organize your expanding online life.

Greplin caters to several social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Linkedln and many more. You can upgrade to a premium account and include services, Evernote and Yammer.

How does Greplin make it happen? It uses the Facebook Connect and “OAuth,” an open protocol, to unite all accounts to a centralized location. When you type in your search inquiry, anything from private messages to wall posts made within your cloud data shall appear as search results.

And you won’t need to worry about privacy issue since Greplin ask first for your permission before hooking your social network account on their database.

For more information about this new innovation, visit Greplin’s website here.

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